Map Review

In order to begin planning for a land use project or program, it is beneficial to obtain maps of the region where the project will be located. For example, a soils map can indicate the composition of wetlands and uplands; a topography map will indicate major natural resource features such as a land ridge, a swamp, or named body of water, such as a lake or riparian system. An aerial photo, with map feature overlays, provides a birds-eye view of the project and the surrounding area. Wildlife corridors can often be identified by looking at aerial maps where there are large continuous tracts of land or ecological systems.1000 Friends of Florida’s Wildlife Manual describes the ecological inventory process and provides additional mapping links. Although all these resources are good pieces of information to have during planning process, a field reconnaissance should always be conducted to ground-truth the available information.

Aerial Maps

Aerial Tiles Inventory aerials and topo (Quad) maps

Labins – Land Boundary Information Systems

Topographic Maps

USGS Topographic Maps

Florida topo maps by county


Labins – Land Boundary Information Systems

Soil Maps

USDA Soil Survey Maps


Disclaimer: The internet sites listed are a sample of external sources rather than a comprehensive list.