Candidate Conservation Agreements

Candidate Conservation Agreements (CCAs) are voluntary conservation agreements between the USFWS and one or more public or private parties. The USFWS works with its partners to identify threats to candidate species, plan the measures needed to address the threats and conserve these species, identify willing landowners, develop agreements, and design and implement conservation measures and monitor their effectiveness. Candidate Conservation Agreements provide the signatory parties with regulatory certainty that they will incur no additional regulatory burden should the species become listed.

Current Candidate Agreements

Multi-State Gopher Tortoise– Voluntary cooperative effort to collectively implement proactive gopher tortoise conservation measures across its eastern range allowing knowledge and funding within a common conservation approach and framework. 

Panama City Crayfish - Voluntary agreement between the St. Joe Company, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regarding conservation measures and landowner incentives due to the concern by landowners about the potential regulatory implications of having a listed species on their land.