Nature-Based Recreation

Incorporating nature-based recreation opportunities, such as interpretive trails and wildlife viewing sites, is attractive to visitors or potential residents and can add to property values.  However, recreational sites in natural areas have both a direct impact on wildlife habitat and a zone of influence on animal behavior.  Wildlife can be disturbed by human activity along a trail for example.  By following sustainable design guidelines these impacts can be minimized.  This page includes economic statistics and a variety of resources for planning and marketing purposes.

Fast Facts (Southwick and Associates, Inc. 2006)

“{Economic} statistics tell us that managing and conserving Florida’s natural environment are paramount, not only to the health of fish and wildlife, but to the economy as well. It just makes good sense to conserve all the assets that bring money and jobs to the people of Florida.” –Ken Haddad, executive director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Source: Behnke, Pat 2008. “Florida's wildlife-associated recreation is big business for the economy.; March 14, Tallahassee.

Sensitive nature-based recreation

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