Florida has an interesting diversity of mammals.  Some species are endemic to Florida, such as Key Largo wood rat, Florida mouse, Florida mastiff bat, and Florida panther.  Many species of mammals are impacted by habitat loss and degradation and the introduction of non-native predators. Some species can be attracted to urban areas and therefore, habitat conservation during development design is an important consideration for long-term protection. 

The following pages include groups of mammals either by taxonomic categories or habitat categories.  It is recommended that qualified biologists conduct small-mammal surveys following receipt of a scientific collection permit, where applicable. Regularly viewing track casts and scat specimens in a museum or laboratory are beneficial when conducting surveys in order to identify evidence of mammal presence effectively.

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Species of Greatest Conservation Need


Disclaimer: Surveys that require the handling or possible disturbance of an imperiled species are not recommended for a majority of projects. Projects that do meet this requirement, such as for research purposes or species relocations, require either a scientific collection permit issued by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or a species permit issued by the FWC, depending on the species in question.