Partnerships and Coordination

Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative is a program within the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission that supports coordinated conservation efforts across the state. The Initiative stemmed from the development of the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (now the State Wildlife Action Plan), a nationwide effort to create a standardized state by state vision for wildlife conservation. By using State Wildlife Grant funding, the Initiative administers a grant program that focuses resources on the most important priorities within the state. Partners are engaged on multiple levels, including revision of the Strategy, determining funding priorities and contribution of important research.

Comprehensive conservation planning and coordination efforts are crucial for successful project planning. One effort dubbed the Cooperative Conservation Blueprint, seeks to unify the conservation vision by engaging with partners and landowners to develop incentives to reach consensus on conserving the most important areas within the state. To assist landowners, an overview chart of incentive programs and an incentive mechanisms report was created. The Critical Lands and Waters Identification Project is used to identify the best GIS data available and feeds directly into the Blueprint. 

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There was a time when we could take vast stretches of woods and wildlife here for granted-but no longer.

-Lawton Chiles