Florida has a diverse array of bird species due to the many habitats found in Florida.  Migratory birds use Florida as a stopover within the Atlantic Flyway.  Florida supports resident bird species, some of which are endemic. Although bird conservation efforts have increased in recent years, habitat loss and habitat degradation have also increased as indicated in the State of the Birds Report.  Some bird species have responded by becoming increasingly adapted to more urban settings, whereas others have been less successful at adjusting, and their populations have declined.  In addition, others have extended their range northward, which may be a result of climate changes. The Florida Bird Conservation Initiative, a statewide bird conservation partnership, was created, in part, to address these challenges and to promote the sustainability of native Florida birds and their habitats through coordinated efforts.

The following pages include groups of birds either by taxonomic categories or habitat categories.  All bird species with, very few exceptions, are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, regardless of whether they migrate.  No lethal take of these birds can occur without proper authorization. Therefore, it is recommended that qualified biologists conduct bird surveys. 

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Florida Breeding Bird Atlas

Species of Greatest Conservation Need

USFWS Birds of Conservation Concern (2008)


Disclaimer: Surveys that require the handling or possible disturbance of an imperiled species are not recommended for a majority of projects. Projects that do meet this requirement, such as for research purposes or species relocations, require either a scientific collection permit issued by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or a species permit issued by the FWC, depending on the species in question.