Using this Guide

The guide is intended to lead you to information regarding certain areas of natural resource planning and wildlife conservation.  You can go through the Guide page by page, follow links on pages, or use the Index page to go straight to information you may need.

The guide can be thought of as having 5 areas of information.

  1. Introduction - includes stakeholders, partnerships, and basic information such as acronyms and glossary

  2. Natural Resources – mapping, database, GIS, and literature resources

  3. Habitats – information of major ecosystems of Florida, lists of species that inhabit certain vegetation communities, and habitat management information

  4. Wildlife - species information, including survey protocols, natural history, recovery and permitting information

  5. Conservation and Planning – information on conservation opportunities available for rural landowners, local government coordination, planning guidelines for various land use activities and permitting, and contact information.

There are three main hyperlink components:

  • Links to other pages

  • Links to embedded documents or images

  • Links to external web pages

Links to other pages in the Guide will open on the same screen.  Documents and external web page links will open in a separate window smaller than the current page in the Guide.  When you access more links from the web page, you can still return to the Guide by closing or minimizing the external web page.