Florida has a unique biodiversity of invertebrate species due to its varied habitats and areas of endemism. Many invertebrate species in Florida have limited ranges, habitats, or associations.  From the Florida springs to the Lake Wales Ridge to the Florida Everglades, multiple endemic invertebrate species have been identified. Some of these invertebrate species were not listed as threatened or endangered because development or land alteration activities were not anticipated within their limited range.  Surveys are not always recommended for such range-limited species and if surveys are conducted, a federal and state survey permit may be required. Rather, within the appropriate range or habitat, presence should be assumed and protection measures employed.  Coordination with FWC and/or USFWS is highly recommended.  

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Species of Greatest Conservation Need


Disclaimer: Surveys that require the handling or possible disturbance of an imperiled species are not recommended for a majority of projects. Projects that do meet this requirement, such as for research purposes or species relocations, require either a scientific collection permit issued by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or a species permit issued by the FWC, depending on the species in question.