Wildlife Species

We commonly focus on the protection of imperiled wildlife species. However, to maintain biodiversity and keep “common species common”, it is vital to employ a mix of conservation and various habitat management techniques. This guide includes the FNAI Field Guide pages for the imperiled species listed by FWC, USFWS, and NMFS and a table which includes other rare, endemic, or declining Species of Conservation Concern. The FWC Wildlife Conservation Prioritization and Recovery Program (WCPR) is developing species specific profiles and management objectives. These can be useful in defining site specific survey and management options. Any species profile provided at the time of publication of this guide may be found on the following pages. Species profiles (WCPR) and current status provided in this guide for imperiled wildlife species will be updated as necessary.

Many imperiled species may resemble common species leading to misidentification. Therefore, it is recommended that wildlife surveys be completed by biologists with adequate field training, and they should reference multiple field guides when identifying species. In many cases, it may be necessary to consult with FWC, USFWS, and NMFS. For federally listed species check the USFWS area of responsibility map and visit the appropriate Field Office Web site for species-specific guidelines.

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*Disclaimer: The survey protocols and best management practices posted in this section should be considered suggestions. However, for regulated activities, some of these guidelines may be published as requirements, become recommendations to a permit application, or be identified as requirements under other specific regulatory consultation guidelines. Following the recommendations in this guide should not be interpreted as automatically meeting all requirements or recommendations for the protection of fish and wildlife resources under any regulatory process.