Marine and Estuarine Communities

Marine and estuarine communities encompass a wide variety of communities, including coastal tidal river or stream, hard bottom, submerged aquatic vegetation, annelid reef, coral reef, bivalve reef, inlet, pelagic, subtidal sediments, and artificial structure. These habitats are characterized by dominant plant species or lacking vegetation. Hydrologic characteristics include either saline or brackish composition, and completely underwater or at least tidal influenced. There are FWC survey protocols to identify marine and estuarine communities using the FWC and ASMFC classification SCHEME.

General Habitat Management Techniques

Species potential by Community Type


Specific Resources

Marine/Estuarine Site Assessment for Florida (TNC)

Dock permitting (Palm Beach County)

Construction conditions (NOAA / NMFS)

Johnson’s seagrass Critical Habitat Map

NOAA Species and Habitat Information